Another Open Letter to Sun-In Hair Lightener

Probably the most visited post of mine is one of my first, which was an Open Letter to Sun-In Hair Lightener.  I was quite pleased with the results that smallish, beach-babe-clad, $7 bottle of glorified peroxide gave me.  And I still am!  So here is a quick follow-up Open Letter for those of you wondering if it really works:

Dear Sun-In,

I hope things are well.  I’m writing to you again because, as you know, our relationship has stayed strong since we first began interacting.  You are always there for me when I need you.  You are consistent, not too rough, smell pretty OK, and rarely let me down.  You are, much like myself, better in the summer time, but you are still pretty good in the off-seasons, at least with keeping a handle on the roots.

I am so grateful to have you around.
Even though that first winter was kind of tough and you dried my hair out a little and I had to search to find the right blend of salon-quality macadamia oil to put in before I blew-dry my hair & moisturizing conditioner to balance out your drying tendencies.  But really you were just trying to encourage me to go back to my curly ways and give my poor, over-heated tresses a much needed break.  And even though you could’ve found a better way to tell me I’m still glad you cared.

I love the way, each summer, you seem to come even more alive.  You turn an already perfect day at the beach into an extra-perfect day because when I get home my hair is almost a whole shade lighter!  And you respect my natural highlights, which I love.  You don’t try to change me, Sun-In, you just try to improve what’s already there by giving those highlights an extra boost.  You’ve helped me really transition over the past year and a half into a full-fledged blondie by empowering those blonde highlights that used to turn white when I was 6 and played outside all day ever day.

I can’t thank you enough for your help.  And your encouragement.  And your friendship.  Here’s to another 10 years of this beautiful relationship.  (but with less sunburn from sitting outside at Starbucks, from here on out, ok?)




Photo on 5-20-13 at 8.40 AM #6

Photo on 6-16-13 at 7.36 PM #3

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