Oh My Gosh, You Guys.

Is this blog just a compilation of apologetic posts about how I don’t blog enough? I think so.  Good thing almost no one reads it.  Here is my quarterly re-dedication to the craft:  I WILL BLOG MORE, I SWEARS.

Whatever.  As the 3 of you following this blog know, I’m knee-deep in my thesis semester at the wonderful Eastern University as a dual English/Secondary Education major.  My thesis has changed a bit and has been the bane of my existence for the past two months.  Though I am proud of where I am so far, I also kind of want to throw it into the ocean and never think about it again.

Alas, I cannot.  And it’s actually shaping into something mildly interesting albeit probably controversial but when you’re dealing with Harry Potter, Social Justice and the Evangelical chasm between the left and right, what can you expect, really?  I’m still glowing with some of the good feedback I got from my notoriously tough Professor who has made others cry already.  She said my official feedback, “This is some of the best writing I’ve seen from you. Very Concise. Eloquent. You ask great questions.” (among other less glowing things, to be fair)  Still, I was pleasantly surprised knowing that my direction was making sense and I wouldn’t have to start all over.

I’m on the last legs of my Spring Break, which is probably the most depressing sentence I could possibly write right now.  I needed this break.  I’m sad it’s almost over. But I’ve gone to bed by 11p every night and woke up around 8am every day, reading HP #4 and drinking coffee and watching Parks & Rec.  I am in the on-deck circle to my father’s up-at-4am-replying-to-emails-and-in-bed-by-730p batter’s box. #thisis27

I did get the chance to wander around Old City Thursday early afternoon, which was great.  Hung around at Art In The Ages on 3rd street, picking out Warby Parker frames and tasting their homemade 80 proof spirits at 1130am. #thistoois27  It’s so easy to live close to things and take it all for granted.  I’ve lived 45 minutes from Philadelphia my whole life, only really venturing to South Street or Pats’ at 1am for Cheesesteaks as a teen or South Philly for games.  Now I’m living in North Philly, 10/15 minutes away from everything, and I don’t intend to waste it.  It is too much cool and too much fun.

The cobblestones are always my favorite

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