thesis proposal

I’ve made a decision, for better or for worse, and have submitted my thesis proposal —


I’d like to delve deeply into the strong Christian parallels of the Harry Potter story and what that means for the Christian community at large.  I’d like to further explore this intense dichotomy of the Christian population’s response to, and perception of, the Harry Potter story, and the reasons behind it. One side’s population is extremely against the story and its fantastical world, attempting to ban books and keep children from ever hearing a word, while the other extreme is absolutely for it, teaching sermons and sunday school classes with its symbols of sacrifice, morality, good triumphing over evil & fighting for those without a voice to name a few.  The camp of Christians that find themselves against Harry Potter also seem to be highly influenced by the assumed intentions of the author versus the actual work itself.  They find themselves fans of similarly fantastical and magical stories like Chronicles of Narnia & Lord Of The Rings, and haven’t read the Potter stories themselves.  Additionally there are many who, upon reading the stories themselves, completely change their opinions. This is another interesting aspect of the H.P. narrative.  Why do we, as Christians, feel the need to only take-in that which is born of our own Christian bubble?  What makes a story worthy of Christ-like metaphors? Does that have to be the intention of the author? Can a work, of any kind, stand on its own, with or without the author’s consent? I think Harry Potter does this in a number of ways and I’d like to point them out.

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5 thoughts on “thesis proposal

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Interesting proposal!

    • lilbazzy says:

      Thanks! It got pretty interesting! I hope you’ll read the sections I post in the future and let me know what you think!

  2. travels with mary says:

    I found your blog from this post– I’m in graduate school studying children’s literature and I LOVE researching Harry Potter! can’t wait to hear more about how you decide to go with this!

    • travels with mary says:

      and I just noticed that you love East of Eden, too– that’s my favorite! definitely following your blog!

      • lilbazzy says:

        that’s awesome! (sorry this is 100 years late!) I’m thinking of posting my thesis in pieces soon, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to read it! At this point, I’m kind of over it, but I think once the exhaustion of the semester wears off I’ll be into it again, haha.

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