I’m going to add “Intermittent” to the description.

Ok. I know what you’re thinking/saying/rolling your eyes.  I get it.  I’m a procrastinator in school and in blog.  But, much like the last post, this is my re-dedication to the craft.  I am going to write more and Netflix re-runs of The Office, Grey’s Anatomy & Arrested Development less. (Ok, obviously, not like… NEVER AGAIN, just a less enough that I write)  I was talking to a good friend of mine a while back and was stunned to find out he writes all of the time.  Like, always makes time for writing because he’s working on screenplays in addition to his full-time job, hanging out, playing music, reading and developing apps.  I then held a shameful moment of silence for myself, full of shame.

BUT NO MORE.  I’m going to update this regularly.  For real.  Especially now that I’m finally established in the city, with new roommates, friends and attempting to live this new life in a big way.  So expect Philadelphia stories, complaints about PA drivers (don’t even, people from PA.) and jokes about things that usually only I and like 1 other person think are funny.


To kick it off, i was gonna post this on Twitter and then I was all “Oh wait, 140 characters isn’t enough.”   So I used to have last.fm back in my heyday when all I did was listen to music/talk about music/hang out on the internet with my street team friends/go to shows/was a teen/early 20s/etc.  So it was always hooked up, scrobbling, etc. for the longest time and then I didn’t use it anymore.  I don’t remember how or why, but a long time went by.  Then I started using it again a little.  Then I lost the password or reset the password and lost the one that they give you that’s u2948dkwibn3957 and never changed it.  And, despite my best efforts, (which include signing in to old e-mail addresses on hotmail that I forget exist most of the time) I can not reset the old password and use the old account.  I can view it, but the last time I was able to sign in appears to be February of 2011.  So I made a new one.  It’s pretty amazing to compare the two.  (Now, to be fair, in the more resent present I used it intermittently, at best, until quite recently.  Maybe the last 8 months or so.)

Last.fm is cool because it quantifies what you listen to and presents it in charts.  I went with artists from 1-62, simply because I wanted a larger set of data but only wanted to do 2 screenshots of each.

I present tanya 2006-2011 versus tanya 2011 – now in music:

2006 – 2011

2011 – present

Oddly enough, more than babies and weddings and living in Philadelphia, somehow this musical-taste quantification is far more sobering in terms of time that’s passed.  Amazing, really.


Ok, so for the record the usage of Last.Fm is not complete.  It’s been intermittent, at best.  Also, take some things with a grain of salt.  Maybe for like an 8 month period over the past two years me and two friends were in love with Taylor Swift and rode around singing “You Belong With Me” at the tops of our lungs.  MAYBE.  But not recently!  So please don’t judge me.  I like Brand New way more than Taylor Swift, @FlorianMania.


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