Holiday, Maybe-Mono, blues (1-5)

Ok, so I’m sitting here in my [adorable, albeit half decorated] apartment on the Main Line, on this gloomy, oddly warm & rainy day, doing my best to stay awake before my doctors appointment  (maybe I have mono, maybe I don’t, stay tuned for further updates)  and watching Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.

For some strange reason I can only attribute to the several households I have lived in over the past 3 years, I only own HP2, HP6 & HP7.1 here in PA.  I mean, what the heck, that’s a serious jump in years that I’m missing.  (I think I had some bootlegged copies of those missing years, at one point, that my dad’s ex-girlfriend used to pride herself on making.)
Point is, I don’t have them now.  My brother has DVDs 1-6, as a set.  It came in a CHEST.  and it’s awesome and I’m always jealous and borrowing them when I’m in Jersey.  He’s 10.  Whatevs.

All this to say I thought it would be fun [for me] in the spirit of the season so create a Christmas list.  So that’s what this is!

In no particular order:

1.  Complete Harry Potter hard cover set of books & DVDs.

  •  I do actually already have all the HP books, but as I’ve been reading them since I was… 12 (?) they’ve been through quite the ringer.  One was left outside on a camping trip by my dear youngest step-brother, some have been chewed on by my vicious pitt-bull puppy Morrison, others have just suffered the sweet breakdown of broken bindings and pages falling out that only the best, most read stories suffer.  I imagine, though it seems barbaric, is probably the best kind of injury for books
  • As I mentioned earlier, I am missing chunks of the DVDs.  I would love to have a set of those as well, but as I already have 2,6 & 7.1, it probably wouldn’t make much sense.  So I am equally invested in either the completion of my HP movie library or an entire set… that comes in a chest… that is as cool as my little brothers.

2.  See previous post about the Marauder’s Map Mug.

3.  A new set of tires.

  • this is a super boring thing for my wish list, as I generally am not the kind of girl that cares about things like tires.  But, I am the kind of girl that Murphy’s Law was written for & I have gone through tires, in the past year, like freaking candy.  I buy used ones, but I drive so much that they just take turns wearing down and a few weeks after I replace one another one needs replacing.  And when I say needs replacing, I’m talking like… the metal pieces inside the tire are coming out.  Did you even KNOW there were metal pieces inside of tires?!  Me neither, until they were exposed and all the manly men were all “OMG YOUR TIRE COULD EXPLODE. grumblegrumble”


  • dudes.  listen… I haven’t bought new clothes in I don’t even know how long.  Seriously.  The closest I get is springing for another $8 pocket tee or long & lean tank from Target.  They are basically the only things I ever, ever wear.  Ever.  Ask my friends.  Also, in the past two months, I lost 2 pairs of jeans to rips & holes and am now down to 1 pair.  Which, normally, I wouldn’t mind all that much because I usually only wear 1 or 2 pairs of jeans anyway, BUT this 1 pair that I have left is 1 size too big.  My butt is as flat as a pancake so I’m already constantly pulling up my jeans and now it’s just on a whole, new & ridiculous level.  I am so hood.  SO I am looking forward to Christmas money that will allow me to do some christmas shopping.  Actually, I might e-mail my dad the link to this article so he stops trying to figure out something to buy me.    Either way, I am dying to hit up Forever 21 and various online shops.

5.  new-old phone.

  • I like keeping my life somewhat simplified so, as much as I might have a knee-jerk reaction to needing an Iphone, I actually like having a reasonably low-priced cell-phone plan, without a data plan attached.  That being said, I recently lost my phone a couple of months ago, while fulfilling my Maid-Of-Honor duties for my BFF on her wedding day.  I was so consumed with remembering everything, getting places on time and the like that I actually left my phone on top of the car and drove away to be an awesome MOH.  needless to say, I no longer have that phone.  So I’m currently using an old phone of a friends, the Env3, which is a good phone if you can get over all the issues it has.  I had this phone before the last one that I lost.  But this phone is old, war torn and beat up.  Some buttons on the front don’t work at all, I have to open the phone to answer a call, etc., etc.  I’d like to get a better, old phone.  Like from ebay or something.  Maybe another EnV touch like the one I left on top of my car.  I like that phone and you don’t need a data plan for it.



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