I am an unashamed Harry Potter fan.  No joke.  I mean, I’m not like… the proud owner of a wand, or like… dressing up at midnight movie premieres or anything (although I did attend 1 or 2 when there were still movies to premiere), but I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

I think, in general, I am drawn to great characterization in literature.  Many of my favorite works of lit are the ones with beautifully crafted characters, full of depth and details so specific that they may as well be a real person.  These are the things that draw me to stories… when the author has done such a fine job of building their protagonist, or even antagonist that you feel as though you know them.  And even care about them.

Ok whatever, judge me all you want.

All this to say,  I saw this on Pinterest today and I literally audibly gasped, to myself, “I NEED THIS.”

and who doesn’t love that HP font, huh?!?

So, friends, countrymen, fellow HP fans, lend me your eyes;

If you’ve yet to purchase me a Christmas gift, or even a birthday gifts (February’s not that far past December!) then please take a moment to mull over this purchase and think about the joy you’d bring into my MUG LOVING life.  Because I freaking love mugs in and of themselves.  (that’s another post.) and I love HP.  On the real.

So seriously.  Someone please get this for me.  Or please let it still be for sale once Christmas is over and I have a spare $15.

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2 thoughts on “I NEED THIS

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    That is a cool mug!!!

  2. […] 2.  See previous post about the Marauder’s Map Mug. […]

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