totes blogging

So now I’m living in Pennsylvania and almost solely getting around with the help of my GPS.  I can get to Wal Mart, Wawa, Whirled Peace (a froyo place similar to Pinkberry — amazinggg) & Starbucks.  I mean, basically that’s all anyone really needs, right?  I’m still getting used to driving in PA though.   Apparently you’re allowed to talk on the cell phone & drive in this state, but I can’t seem to shake the habit of freezing up & throwing my phone into my lap when a cop drives by.    And PA drivers are fun getting used to.  I got a little Jersey today and beeped sarcastically at someone, who beeped angrily at me a few moments earlier, for turning right while I had the right-of-way & the light was green, when they turned onto another road… obviously I’m over it.

However, one of the nice things about not knowing where I am is that I never know what’s right around the corner. (cue Disney soundtrack)  Today I was driving home from Phoenixville, where I babysit, and ended up driving through some kind of monument park with log cabins and plaques on rocks.  I’m not exactly sure what the monument was for but I saw street signs that mentioned George Washington & Valley Forge.  I had to keep fighting the urge to just pull off to the side of the road to read the plaques.  It’s so pretty up here.  It’s mildly mountainous, or at least what’s beginning to resemble mildly mountainous, with crag-y walls along one side of the winding road and flowing creeks on the other.  It’s been so rainy here lately that the rock walls have been like little waterfalls.

All this to say that there are adventures around here.


One thought on “totes blogging

  1. kimberly carr says:

    Finally! Your a blogger now! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures and stalk you : ) ps take me to that froyo place!!! Love you!

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